Our Story

Black & Smith Ironworks was founded in 2017 as a creative outlet for owner Barry to work with his hands. Observing a growing popularity for metal accents in home furnishings, Barry saw an opportunity to open a business geared towards custom metal table legs and shelving brackets. Growing up, Barry worked in a variety of metal fabrication shops which provided him with the skills essential for creating metal projects. The business began to take off in late 2017, allowing Barry's wife Michaela to also take the leap into metal working. Together they expanded Black & Smith Ironworks to include a line of heavy duty metal table legs, shelving brackets and hairpin legs while also working on a wide variety of local custom projects. 


In December of 2018 Black & Smith Ironworks expanded to a newly constructed 4200 sq. ft. fabrication shop in Cavan, Ontario. This has given Black & Smith Ironworks room for more advanced equipment, allowed them to take on larger projects and bring on additional weld staff. 

Although this website is primarily focused on metal table legs, hairpin legs and shelf brackets, Black & Smith Ironworks still welcomes custom projects such as store fixtures, municipal furniture, household railings and many other custom requests. You can view some of these custom projects on the “Custom Projects” page. If you are interested in having a custom project quoted feel free to contact us!