Improve Your Home: Showstopping Modern Home Upgrades to Consider

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Don’t miss the article we were featured in: “Improve Your Home: Showstopping Modern Home Upgrades to Consider” where we talk about steel fireplace surrounds, like this 17' installation we completed for a Stony Lake Cottage!

Steel Fireplace Surround

Incorporating a steel fireplace surround can become a unique focal point in a modern, industrial, or rustic style home. Metal surrounds look best in homes with lots of natural light and wood accents, especially when the surround can extend to an upper level to accentuate its grandeur. They offer an alternative to traditional stone or marble surrounds and can be designed in a variety of finishes including blackened steel, powder coat and patina finishes. When walking into a home it is the first thing your eyes are drawn to and it provides an inspiring wow factor. 

Metal fireplace surround

Whether you’ve been living in your home for some time or have recently moved into a new place – maybe in sunny San Diego, CA or rainy Seattle, WA – you might be looking for a way to update your home. There are countless ways to upgrade your home, which can sometimes leave homeowners overwhelmed and unsure of where to even begin. But to give you a starting point, add decorative tile, skylights, and ironwork to your list of modern home upgrades.

To help you get started, I, along with other experts shared our best advice on incorporating these modern home upgrades into your space. Take a look at what we had to say so you can improve your home today. 

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