How to Pick the Best Metal Table Legs for Your Project

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The most important consideration when selecting the perfect metal table legs for your project is determining what style of table you would like to create. 

Are you looking for a unique, eye-catching metal base that draws attention when your guests enter the room? Try our Hourglass or Shapeshifter designs. 

Hourglass Metal Table Legs

Would you prefer a simple metal base that accents an extravagant epoxy river top? Maybe a set of simple Square or Trapezoid legs would be better suited. 

Trapezoid Metal Table Legs

Are you adding to your homes farmhouse appeal? The X-Frame or Trestle Table Legs are perfectly suited for this style of home. 

X-Frame Metal Table Legs

With such a wide variety of metal legs to choose from, we suggest searching Pinterest or Instagram for inspiration of the design style you are most interested in before choosing your metal legs.


Light Duty vs. Heavy Duty

There are two main styles of metal table legs that we offer: Light Duty and Heavy Duty. 

Light duty legs include our hairpin style legs, meant to be used on thinner (thickness of 1.5” or less) table tops or smaller projects that don’t require the strength provided by our heavy duty legs. Light duty legs work well for entryway tables, small desks, side tables and coffee tables. 

Hairpin Metal Table Legs

Heavy duty legs are built from heavy gauge steel and built to support the weight of heavy table tops made from wood, concrete, quartz or glass. These legs are built to last generations and work well for dining tables, conference tables, desks, benches and coffee tables. Our heavy duty legs are typically made from I-Beam, square tubing or rectangular tubing and can support more than 200lbs per leg depending on the style. Our strongest leg is our I-Beam X-Frame style, followed by the Trestle, Square, A-Frame, Trapezoid and Hourglass table legs.

I-Beam X-Frame Metal Table Legs

Top Weight 

When choosing a table leg style, it is important to consider the amount of weight the legs will need to support. All of our standard heavy duty table legs are designed to support upwards of 200lbs per leg. If you are planning a table that will require a very heavy top it may be time to upgrade to our heavier duty 3” square tubing or I-Beam style legs. 


Top Material

Wood - Traditional wood top tables can be fastened using wood screws, lag bolts or threaded inserts. We make our legs with top mounting plates equipped with pre-drilled ¼” or ⅜” holes to be used with size 10 wood screws, lag bolts or threaded inserts. All of our leg styles are well suited for wood tops.

Hourglass Metal Table Legs

Concrete, Marble, Quartz - In some cases, stone style tops can be fastened to the table legs using specialized concrete bolts. In this case we can drill customized holes to suit the project. Often times however, drilling into the stone top is not possible and bolt-on cross-supports need to be used to create a solid base between the two legs. Most of our leg styles can be adjusted to accommodate a bolt-on cross support. Contact us for a quote for your project.

Glass - Glass top tables always require the addition of a bolt-on cross-support to create a single solid unit strong enough to support the weight of your glass. Most of our leg styles can be adjusted to accommodate a bolt-on cross support. Contact us for a quote for your project.

Glass Top Hourglass Metal Table Legs





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